Leuzinger High School's center for photojournalism.  Student contributors are Multimedia Careers Academy (MCA) seniors who have completed digital photography and are now embarking upon their senior capstone course in photojournalism.

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Madalyn Corral
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     Letter from the Editors:

    As we are led through the end of this terrible milestone, 2020, we walk with hope for peace, and a better year for all. 2020 brought in a new decade of hope and promise, but quickly turned negative with the onset of the pandemic. Jobs, careers, education, we're all lost, and worst of all, innocent lives tallied up to an unthinkable and unnecessary death toll. The pandemic has brought tragedy among all people. In addition, social injustice reached a breaking point. Streets have been full of rioters, protests by Black Lives Matter against police brutality, clashes with white supremacists. 

     As we suppress all obstacles, we continue to walk with our heads high, our expectations higher, and our aspirations towering.  As young adults, we have many responsibilities of our own and the expectations of our family members. So with this, we are guided into a new year. A new semester, which means a new opportunity for students to achieve set goals, including grades, personal goals, and home life. We as Olympians must show our full potential even with the struggles that we encounter.

    Editors here at The Torch and I leave you with this, always have hope to strive for more, never let someone tell you, “ you can't when you know you can,” and try to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be this upcoming year. This year has been a tough journey, but besides the downfalls of this year, we welcome you all to the Fall/ Winter Torch 2020. We will keep students and parents updated with information and tips for the upcoming year. 


Thank you,

Adriana Rodriguez Cordero & Madalyn Corral

Depression & Anxiety, the ignored Side Effects of COVID

Anxiety_Jossue Barajas4.jpg

By Jesus Ruiz, Madalyn Corral,  Adriana Rodriguez

Depression and anxiety have been the most impactful, mental health disorders since the pandemic started.

          Silver Lining

Covid-19_Melanie Hernandez (1).jpg

By Melanie Hernandez &  Magaly Lara

Even though COVID-19 has made 2020 the worst year of the decade, there’s a silver lining that gives us a glimmer of hope.

Helping with Hunger


By Amelia Pulu

& Fabiola Raudales

   The Lennox United Methodist Church has gathered volunteers to feed their elderly community.

The New Normal


By Adriana  Rodriguez

    March 2020, life changed for all of us. Ever since Covid-19 hit all fifty states, everything has been different.

Letters to 2020


By Staff 

With 2020 on it's way out, MCA students write farewell letters to a year no one wants another minute more of... 

Disney+ Unites Olympians of All Ages

Snapseed 13.jpg

By Angel Esquivel

Many have shown a fondness for Disney+, and it leads to the question of just how much of an impact the simple streaming service has had on our campus.

Disconnected by Distance


By Madalyn Corral &

Emily Hernandez

When schools shut down back in March due to Covid-19, students were required to adjust to a new lifestyle.

    Finding Virtual Faith

church 2.PNG

By Frank Aranda

& Aidan Aguero

Churches struggle to traditionally spread their faith as COVID-19 spreads throughout the country, shutting down indoor events and activities.

Missing out on simple things


By Morgan Williams

      & Robin Rivas

The lives of students in our community have been drastically changed due to the pandemic

Family & You time


By Cassandra Perez & Amairani Castillo

Dancing, cruising, family gatherings and game nights are what make quarantine better.

Hidden Figures


By Daniela DeLorge

Do you ever walk past people and wonder what is going on in their head, or where they are headed?

Olympians Get Real-World Experience


By Jasmine Gonzalez

Leuzinger High School prides itself for having hardworking academies that help Olympians engage with real-world experiences.


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