Leuzinger High School's center for photojournalism.  Student contributors are Multimedia Careers Academy (MCA) seniors who have completed digital photography and are now embarking upon their senior capstone course in photojournalism.

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Angel Esquivel
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Brisaidy Cruz Hidalgo 

Seniors 2020 Blurred Vision


By Jasmine Garay

Seniors anxiety levels are running high as the worldwide pandemic and lockdown blur their vision of senior year

End of the Decade Distress


By Jasmine Gonzalez

Ever since the beginning of high school, seniors all throughout the world have been looking forward to spending their last school year with friends and peers....Then came Corona!

Creative Coping


By Josue Zuniga

As students, we have constant pressure to be the very best in school and to work hard toward reaching our potential. Many students find hobbies to let loose and to have some fun as a coping mechanism.

Value Your Sole


By Isaiah Small Wood &

Fernando Cruz

To the untrained eye, a pair of sneakers may just be a pair of sneakers, but you may not realize some of these shoes are worth a pretty penny.

Seniors pick up the pieces and         move on....


By Daniela DeLorge

Senior year may not have been what many dreamed of, but some see a silver lining...

Disney+ Unites Olympians of All Ages

Snapseed 13.jpg

By Angel Esquivel

Many have shown a fondness for Disney+, and it leads to the question of just how much of an impact the simple streaming service has had on our campus.

Vote 2020


By Melissa Castillo

The race for the 2020 presidential election is powering forward toward November and many of our Olympians are going to be able to vote.

Missing School


By Staff

Distance Learning has challenged us all. The way we communicate, the way we learn and the way we wish we could go back to the way it used to be, are all tests of our Olympian Spirit.

Keeping Social with Media 


By Veisinia Taufa

Olympians now are more than ever obsessed with social media and ASMR videos

Plastic vs. Planet


By Cris Jimenez

Plastic pollution is negatively affecting the planet’s most important wildlife, and unfortunately, it isn't going to stop anytime soon....

Surrogate Parents


By Aaliyah Muhammad

If high school wasn't enough, add playing the role of parent
or caretaker into the equation.

Hidden Figures


By Daniela DeLorge

Do you ever walk past people and wonder what is going on in their head, or where they are headed?

Olympians Get Real-World Experience


By Jasmine Gonzalez

Leuzinger High School prides itself for having hardworking academies that help Olympians engage with real-world experiences.


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