Leuzinger High School's center for photojournalism.  Student contributors are Multimedia Careers Academy (MCA) seniors who have completed digital photography and are now embarking upon their senior capstone course in photojournalism.

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     Letter from the Editors:

    Here we are back again with the last Torch of the year. Although it has been a challenging year, many of us have had to adjust to the new lifestyle that we were obligated to fulfill. Many of us faced lots of obstacles this year with mental health and school. Nonetheless, we have overcome many of these issues that have come our way. Now as the spring semester has come to an end, we would like to thank you all for your endless support. Our articles were meant to connect with you all, and we feel that we have done just that. Reading many of your personal experiences truly made us feel as if we were connected, from a distance. We intended to connect with you all on various levels so that you were aware that you are not alone. Times like these are very difficult but we must stay united to overcome these tragic events. Well, that is  all from us here at the Torch. We wish you luck in the next chapter in  your life and hope you all succeed as we know you are capable.

Thank you,

Adriana Rodriguez Cordero & Madalyn Corral

What you wanna do after quarantine


By Beatriz Da Silva

Fellow bored Olympians share what are their plans after the pandemic.

    For the Love of the Game


By Adriana Rodriguez

It has been a long year for Olympian athletes who stopped playing sports due to COVID-19.

            Working Students


By Jesus Ruiz Aquino

Many students are approaching an age where they can now begin working. 

Mental Health, the Hidden Casualty of the Pandemic 


By Ramona Marquez

Mental health has been an extreme struggle for people worldwide.

Letters to 2020


By Staff 

With 2020 on it's way out, MCA students write farewell letters to a year no one wants another minute more of... 

Disney+ Unites Olympians of All Ages

Snapseed 13.jpg

By Angel Esquivel

Many have shown a fondness for Disney+, and it leads to the question of just how much of an impact the simple streaming service has had on our campus.

     MCA Photojournalist Documents Historical Times


By Madalyn Corral &

Sean Hiller

MCA alumni and Leuzinger graduate Anthony Bibian and his camera have seen the civil unrest in the streets of Los Angeles

               Gaming Therapy


By Alessandro Martinez

This past year was significantly more challenging to keep in contact with friends and family.

                 The Mask is off

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 11.10.13 AM-01

By Jesus Ruiz Aquino

Over the years we had many world-changing events happen, but in 2020 we had the worst one yet.

         Cuteness for a Cause


By Beatriz Da Silva

A while ago, my cousin showed a cute stop motion animation. It was about a rabbit named Ralph.

High School Couples Affected                           by Quarantine


By Emily Ruano

About a year ago our lives were shaken up by the arrival of Covid-19. We were forced to stay home while almost everything closed down.

Olympians Get Real-World Experience


By Jasmine Gonzalez

Leuzinger High School prides itself for having hardworking academies that help Olympians engage with real-world experiences.


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